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We have a Great International Community at 南达科他州矿山

南达科他州矿山 (SDM) has a strong, inter-connected 国际 community of students, 教师, 资源和支持. We all work together to help 国际 students thrive and succeed here as well as help students that want an education abroad 经验.

International students have historically constituted approximately 5 percent to 10 percent of the total student population. The number of 国际 students is approximately 110 from more than 35 countries, enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate 研究. The 教师 includes many people with 国际 backgrounds as well.

Education Abroad - Enrich Your Experience!

Education abroad programs are growing at 南达科他州矿山 and for our Engineers and Scientists. Students can participate in short-term, 夏天, 学期, year-long programs as well as research opportunities in many locations around the world.

The Ivanhoe 国际中心

The Ivanhoe 国际中心 (IIC) was established at 南达科他州矿山 in the fall 学期, 1994. The IIC was made possible through a generous gift by an alumnus, Mr. 利顿F. “克星”艾芬豪. The IIC is located in the Surbeck Student Center, and is the center of 国际 activities on campus. A broad program of services is provided to 国际 students and students wanting to study abroad. The IIC has an open door policy for all students. 


The Ivanhoe 国际中心 develops and supports activities and programs for 国际 students, 教师, and 工作人员 coming to 南达科他州矿山, and for those who want to engage in 国际 and global 经验s, in alignment with Mines 优势.

南达科他州矿山 Inclusion Statement 

South Dakota School of Mines and 技术 is committed to cultivating an inclusive learning environment where 教师, 工作人员, and students can grow and succeed.

We value the unique backgrounds, 经验s, perspectives, and talents within our community.

It is our goal to promote a culture of respect, honor, understanding, integrity, and collaboration. It is through this inclusion that we find our strength.

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